House Rules

Minors are not allowed in. Only persons of 18 years or older may enter the coffee shop. Accompanied minors are also not allowed in the coffee shop.
ID is required. Every visitor must be able to show his ID if requested by him.
If we come across a fake ID, the police will be notified. It is no longer possible to enter the coffee shop after you are caught.
It is not allowed to cover your face when the ID is displayed.
The possession, sale or sale of hard drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. When we see this, the police will be informed and you will no longer be welcome in the coffee shop.
The law states that you can only buy 5 grams of weed per day. It is therefore not allowed to have more than 5 grams of weed in your pocket when you are in the coffee shop.
We do not tolerate anyone reselling our products. This applies to both on-site and off-site. If we catch you, the police will be notified and you will no longer be welcome in the shop.
The tobacco legislation of 01/07/2008 prohibits smoking of tobacco in coffee shops. This means that we cannot allow cigarette smoking.
It is not permitted to resell the products to minors.
The possession and use of weapons is strictly prohibited.
Aggression will not be tolerated.
Discrimination will not be tolerated.
It is not permitted to stay in the coffee shop for more than 2.5 hours. The duty manager can shorten this limit at his own discretion.
We reserve the right to deny visitors access to the coffee shop and associated grounds.
It is not allowed to bring your own drinks. Consumptions are also mandatory and must be paid immediately.
Mobile phones are not permitted. If you get caught, we will inform the police.
Dogs are not allowed.
If you park your vehicle in an unconventional place, we reserve the right to refuse service.
It is not allowed to make noise on the terrain or the surrounding areas. We constantly monitor the coffee shop and take action if necessary.