Coffeeshop Amsterdam Zuid

Coffeeshop Amsterdam Zuid

Touring around the Amsterdam Zuid district, looking for a coffeeshop to relax with friends and score some quality marihuana? Coffeeshop Papillon is going to be your preferred destination. The Papillon coffeeshop in Amsterdam Zuid has some of the most amazing strains on its menu. You will find classics like the White Widow and Candy Kush on the menu. Besides these classics, Coffeeshop Papillon in Amsterdam Zuid also offers the strong yet popular Amnesia weed. We can guarantee good quality weed as several employees at Papillon are tasked with constantly testing and sampling the weed, thus ensuring you get the best weed experience possible.

Amsterdam Zuid Coffeeshop amenities

Obviously you come to a coffeeshop to relax. This is exactly what Coffeeshop Papillon in Amsterdam Zuid stands for. We provide you and your friends with a genuine relaxed coffeeshop environment. The lounge at the Amsterdam Zuid district is built specifically with this objective in mind. Do keep in mind that you and your friends need to be at least 18 years old to enter the coffeeshop and buy the weed. After buying the weed, just sit down in the lounge, smoke your weed and enjoy life. To complete the experience, Coffeeshop Papillon in Amsterdam Zuid also offer good quality coffee, thus fully living up to its name. The coffeeshop has been around since the 80’s and forms a weed heaven for regular customers and tourists from all over the world. If you are a tourist, chances are you do not have a stable internet connection. However, you do want to share your coffeeshop adventures with your friends right? Coffeeshop Papillon got you covered by offering free wifi to the guests. This ensures you are able to send over the ultimate Amsterdam tourist selfie.


Visit coffeeshop in Amsterdam Zuid

Hopefully this article has given you some insights in the possibilities presented by Coffeeshop Papillon. Amsterdam Zuid is an interesting and fun place to visit. Besides the coffeeshops, there are a substantial amount of other things to see and do. The district is home to several monuments and parks such as the Stedenmaagd and the Beatrixpark. After your visit to the Amsterdam Zuid coffeeshop, tour along the district or pay a visit to the Albert Cuypmarkt during daytime. This market has almost everything imaginable on offer. In need of more information about coffeeshops in Amsterdam Zuid or about the things to see and do in this district? Coffeeshop Papillon is more than willing to help you out. Pay us a visit or contact us by e-mail via: