Saliva test for weed? Since July 2017, the police in the Netherlands is allowed to test the amount of drugs present in someone suspected of driving under influence. As driving under the influence of drugs is illegal, and dangerous to both yourself and others. What is a saliva test then? A saliva test for weed is done by measuring the amount of drugs in a person’s saliva and thus his body. This can be done on the spot, and if the person tests results are positive he will always be taken to the police station.


Saliva test for weed: a disputed test

Saliva test for weed by the police? How accurately are these tests exactly? The saliva test accuracy is disputed. Like with the drinking of alcohol, it depends on the person as to how well the drugs can be measured. For instance, the saliva test for weed and other drugs is influenced by a person’s body fat percentage, and if other drugs were used during a certain period. In both cases, more means a greater chance of weed being measurably present in the body. So the saliva test for THC how long can it still be measured? That also greatly depends on the person and the situation, but at most for 14 hours.


Saliva test for weed: where can I find more information?

Saliva drug test information is provided on this government website. Unfortunately, the up to date text is only available in Dutch. At Coffeeshop Papillon, we therefore advise our customers not to go driving within at least two days after smoking cannabis procured at our establishment. The law for saliva test for weed is still very new, and the punishment can be quite severe. With up to 3 months of jail time, and a fine of up to € 8.200. It is therefore better to avoid driving and smoking, and thereby avoiding the consequences of a saliva drug test for weed.