The Jack Herer cup in Amsterdam

We are happy to announce that CoffeeShop Papillon will be participating in the Jack Herer cup in Amsterdam. We will do everything we can to win this cup and pay tribute to the legendary Jack Herer. The Jack Herer cup is an annual competition which is held for the cannabis industry. All kinds of cannabis focused companies compete to win the best titles and a var.iety of awards. The closing prize ceremony has been held in Nevada, Las Vegas for 4 years now. After 4 years of success in Las Vegas, it was time to make their move to Europe. Amsterdam is the first city where the Jack Herer Cup will make it´s European debut on the 17th of May.


Coffeeshop Papillon will ofcourse try to win the award for ‘’the best weed’’. We offer cannabis like no other! The Jack Herer cup is held in honor of pro cannabis and hemp activist Jack Herer. He was, among other things, the author of the best-selling Hemp Book: ‘’The Emperor Wears No Clothes’’. This year is even more special for us because the Jack Herer Cup will be held in our hometown Amsterdam! It will take place in the Hard Rock Cafe in the city center.


Jack Herer in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is well know for its liberal stance towards cannabis. The city is open tot he use of cannabis in its many forms. Jack Herer himself has actually been in Amsterdam for a while and placed great value on this great city. During his time in Amsterdam he made many friends and enjoyed his life a lot. It’s also the place where he met his wife Jeannie Herer. She will be coming over from America especially to attend the Jack Herer Cup!


Be a member of the jury

You can also participate as a jurymember! It is allowed to buy cannabis in Amsterdam. This makes it possible for everyone to review the participating products of the Jack Herer Cup. Consumers can cast their vote on the official website of the Jack Herer Cup from the 20th of April 2019 till the 16th of May 2019