Coffeeshop Papillon eerste prijs Kushberry Hasj Highlife CupThe results of the HighLife Cup 2019 were announced on July 5, during a pleasant barbecue at Aquabest. We are very proud to announce that during this Cup we have won the first prize in the “hashish” category with our Kushberry Hashish. During this enjoyable event with many colleagues from the business, we received the prestigious prize. We are, of course, very proud and happy to announce that we were able to receive this great prize. A beautiful reward for our work to offer our customers the best experience there is.


The best cannabis from 2019 tested

Various cannabis strains were tested during the Highlife Cup 2019 for looks, smell, taste, and effect. A 15-person jury judged the different varieties and our Kushberry Hashish was rated in the hashish category with the highest score of no less than 556 points.


Testing the different strains

Already in April of this year, an 8-week process started in which Dutch coffee shops and seed suppliers could participate. In about 8 weeks each member of the jury tested the different strains and gave their opinion. The assessment was done completely anonymously. The members of the jury each received a bag that was coded with a label. This way, they could blindly test the different types and personal preferences for a shop could not play a role. That is exactly what makes us so proud that we have won this great prize.


The jury consisted of 15 people with a high reputation in the business. They are both proven growers and smokers with years of cannabis experience. In addition, none of the jury members had any connection with a cannabis-related company.


Curious about our Kushberry Hashish? Drop by!

Do you want to enjoy our prize-winning hash? Come and visit us in Amsterdam, in the middle of De Pijp. We make sure that you enjoy a top experience with our Kushberry Hashish. We are open daily until 1 AM and are located at Van der Helstplein 8, Amsterdam. Do you have any questions for us? Send us a WhatsApp message on +31 6 1002 4332 or send an email to