Cannabis tea, with cannabis honey and space brownies? If you are inclined to organize a nice get together at your home, then we could provide you with the perfect cannabis for your recipes. In this blog we would like to share our experiences with brewing the perfect cup of cannabis tea together with some nicely tasting cannabis cookies, or perhaps cannabis chocolate. These delicious recipes are often easy to make, using only an oven, baking dough, and your own special touch. Pretty soon, you will be baking your own super space muffin and drinking your own marijuana tea.


Cannabis tea for every time of the year

Cannabis tea can be lovely for a cold wintery evening. As you lie down with a friend or two on your coach nearby the fireplace relaxing after a hard day’s work. Perhaps together with a space muffin. Just for the taste, just to see how it feels. A perfect way to celebrate the weekend. However, when it is spring or summer, and the weather is warm, cannabis tea can also be a great way to enjoy the sun. Maybe in your backyard, or on the balcony. Perhaps some space brownies or cannabis chocolate thrown into the mix? You decide, but one thing is for sure: this cookie is gonna bring you to the next level.


Cannabis tea recipe


The cannabis tea recipe is very easy made with only a few ingredients. Follow the following steps to make your own cannabis tea.


The ingredients you need:
– 1 ½ cups of water
– ½ teaspoon of butter
– ½ gram of cannabis buds
– 1 tea bag (of your choice)


Step 1: Start by grinding the cannabis and then mix the buds with the ½ teaspoon of butter.


Step 2: When the cannabis is completely covered in fat you empty the tea bag into the bud mix.


Step 3: When the butter, cannabis and tea are mixed together you put it back into the bag and reseal it.


Step 4: Boil some water and lower the tea bag into the water. Let this simmer for 30 minutes.


Step 5: Enjoy your own made cannabis tea!