Cannabis tampons like those produced by the company Foria are not yet legal in the Netherlands. This is because THC, the active element of cannabis, is still considered illegal here. Since soft drugs is technically only tolerated. Next to that, cannabis tampons have not been clinically tested, so it has not been officially determined if and how they work. However taking in account the pain relieving qualities of cannabis the tampons might just work to ease menstrual pains for women. As of yet however there are no conclusive results, and it might all be down to a placebo effect.


Cannabis tampons and other healing cannabis products

Cannabis tampons might just work, but what about other ailments? Could cannabis for instance help with Parkinson? There have been a few clinical studies on cannabis for Parkinson, but there is no conclusive evidence that products like cannabis oil for Parkinson’s disease have any effect. The same can be said for the effects of cannabis on ADHD, and cannabis on migraine. Like cannabis tampons and cannabis for Parkinson there has not been enough clinical testing to conclusively say if cannabis has any positive effects. In all cases, it must be stressed that cannabis does not heal the diseases, if it works; it does so merely by relieving the pain.


Cannabis products could really ease the pain

The proven pain relieving qualities of cannabis, which could work with cannabis tampons, could also help with other diseases. There may not be conclusive evidence, but using cannabis for diabetes or cannabis for Lyme could ease the pain. However as of yet it is not possible to get medicinal cannabis for these diseases. If you are suffering from a disease and feel that cannabis might help, you can of course always come to Coffeeshop Papillon. We will gladly advice you on the best way to use cannabis.