Cannabis honey and other cannabis recipes used in an haute cuisine styled dinner? That is High Cuisine a new and exciting cannabis food and drinks concept by former Michelin chefs Noah Tucker, and Toney Joseph. They have both given up their jobs at starred restaurants to start this experimental concept. Infusing ingredients like cannabis honey, cannabis juice, and even cannabis alcohol into their food, they try to take the next step in haute cuisine cooking. Next to that, they are looking to break the negative vibe surrounding drugs, and open the world to all the positive qualities of the plants and mushrooms they use.


Cannabis honey and that spacecake effect

Cannabis honey, cannabis wine, and other cannabis recipes all lead to a certain spacecake effect. As the New York Times already reported in 2010, these effects lead to a heightened and altered taste. As well as a changed appetite. Some cannabis recipes increase it, while others lessen your appetite. Those are exactly the kinds of things Tucker and Joseph like to play with. A ‘high’ feeling, induced by cannabis honey might lead you to enjoy what otherwise would seem like really strange combinations of flavours. People who have smoked a joint before know what effects this has on their tastes, and High Cuisine likes to tread on new grounds here.


Cannabis honey and similar cannabis recipes are not exactly legal

Strictly speaking though there are no nations or states where drug infused recipes are considered legal. In the Netherlands cannabis honey, cannabis wine, and cannabis juice are all tolerated, but only if they are used purely for yourself. The quantities used by High Cuisine are deemed too high by Dutch standards, and therefore illegal. However, that is what motivates Tucker and Joseph. To break the taboo on soft drugs, and to simultaneously create a new form of food and dining. Check out their website to learn more.