Planning your trip to Amsterdam but unsure as what to expect of the Amsterdam coffeeshop menus? Or maybe you already reached the coffeeshop capital of the world and are about to enter one of the many coffeeshops yourself? Before entering you want to have a basic understanding of what to expect. What are the variations on the menu? Do they offer pre-rolled joints? Spacecake? This article is meant to help you out by giving you an overview of the most common items found on most Amsterdam coffeeshop menus. As such, this article will help you prepare and get ready for the most relaxed high of your life.


Amsterdam coffeeshop weed menu


You might have guessed it yourself already, but every Amsterdam coffeeshop menu has weed listed on it. Depending on the coffeeshop you visit, you will find a variety ranging from 10 to 35+ species.


Almost every coffeeshop categorizes the weed depending on its effect and growing conditions. The 3 main weed categories you’ll encounter on most Amsterdam coffeeshop menus are bio organic, hydro weed and haze weed. Bio organic weed is grown following natural conditions, free of pollutants, chemicals and has almost no environmental impact. Common species are cheese, strawberry kush and super critical. The second version is hydro weed. The hydro in weed stand for hydroponics; a technique of growing plants in water containing dissolved nutrients. It is the H part of the THC. AK47 and White Widow are some of the most common species of hydro weed. The final type of weed you commonly encounter on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus is haze weed. It is known for the uplifting, euphoric and psychedelic effects it creates. Species most common are silver haze, amnesia haze and Hawaiian snow.


Other items on the Amsterdam coffeeshop menu


Every coffeeshop in Amsterdam has hashish on its menu. The two categories frequently encountered are regular hashish and exotic hashish. Hashish, or hash, is actually cannabis resin. Maroc and polm, combined with their variations are often listed underneath the regular hash category. The exotic hash list regularly contains temple balls and bubble mania. Besides weed and hash, most Amsterdam coffeeshop menus offer pre-rolled joints (pure or mixed with tobacco), an endless variety of seeds for growing your own plants and various consumables such as spacecake, lollipops or other finger food consumables. Almost every coffeeshop also has a space where you can sit back, relax and smoke your favourite type of softdrug.


Hopefully this article has helped you get a basic understanding of what you will encounter on the menu of most Amsterdam coffeeshops. Weed, hash, seeds and consumables are also found on the menu of Coffeeshop Papillon. Pay us a visit when you are in the neighbourhood!