About Us


Coffeeshop Papillon opened its doors in the 80s and has not closed since then. It is considered a true family business. This is because this Amsterdam coffee shop was passed on to the nephew from the uncle in 2002. From that moment on, a number of clear improvements have been made that have ensured that Coffeeshop Papillon has become a well-known name in the industry. For example, the coffee shop menu has been expanded to offer a wider range. Investments have also been made in a lounge area for visitors.


Two of our employees are at all times responsible for the quality controls of the weed products. During their work, they look at the different properties of the weed to determine its quality. The following points are considered:

The rule of thumb when it comes to weed is: the more crystals the better. More crystals mean that the weed has higher THC levels.

Color of the weed
Colors tell a lot about the quality of the weed. This is how the weed should look green with here and there orange or purple speckles. The moment we encounter brown weed then this is a bad omen and we do not include it in our range. It can be a sign of mold, pesticide or other chemicals that do not belong in it.

Amount of orange hair
A large amount of orange hair (threads) is always a good sign. This means that the plant is sufficiently pollinated and has reached the right age. This certainly improves the quality of the weed.

Weed must have the right humidity levels and feel a little sticky. The moment the weed is too dry, it will burn out too quickly. This is of course a shame. That is why our professionals pay extra attention to this point.

Seeds and steal
It is important that the weed points are held together with as few stems as possible. Attention is also paid to the presence of seeds. This is a strong indication that the weed is of poor quality.

The golden rule when it comes to weed is simple: if it doesn’t smell like weed you shouldn’t smoke it! Our professionals keep a close eye on the smell of the weed. Fresh weed has a unique and full aroma. You can already smell old weed through the bag, because this usually smells like hay.

Weed must taste fresh. The moment the weed tastes old and dry, we will not include it in the range. This guarantees that customers can only buy the freshest weed from us.

Spider mite
Spider mite can be recognized by white thin hairs in the weed tops. Since this can be harmful to health, we always remove it completely before the weed is offered for sale.