Amsterdam red light district tips


The Amsterdam Red Light District is a famous place, known to people from all over the world. It’s main connotation is obviously the prostitution; the scarcely dressed ladies behind the red-neon illuminated windows. As a tourist that frequents the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you will probably also pay a visit to this sexy and somewhat sleazy part of the Dutch capital. This post aims to provide you with more in-depth tips and tricks regarding the Amsterdam Red Light District. There is more than meets the eye. What can you expect upon entering one of the rooms? How should you behave? And how should you treat the ladies; what are the codes of conduct. Read on to discover everything you need to know.


Locating the Amsterdam Red Light District

Starting near Central station and ending at the Bloemenmarkt, The Amsterdam Red Light District, postal code 1012, covers a substantial part of the Amsterdam city centre. Known to the Dutch as “De Wallen” this area of Amsterdam houses over 100 red light windows. If you need directions, ask anyone in Amsterdam and they will be able to point you in the right direction. When your departure point is Amsterdam Central Station, simply follow the large tour groups.


Expectations Amsterdam Red Light District

The district is bustling with tourists. Be prepared to meet lots of British celebrating their stag party and large tour groups of Japanese and Chinese tourists. Besides the red illuminated windows, the district also houses several bars, coffeeshops, sex clubs and numerous sex stores. Famous establishments to check out are the Banana Bar, live sex show clubs Moulin Rouge or Casa Rosso and the famous coffeeshop the Bulldog. If you rather spend your heard earned money on a casual no-strings-attached sexual encounter, one of the many ladies might be able to fulfil your needs. The procedure is quite simple; walk around the district, select the girl you like, walk up to the window and express your interest.


Code of Conduct Red Light District

Do not gawk at the ladies as it is not appreciated. Behave like a gentleman; meaning you do not get grabby and you play by the rules. Not taking photos, expressing your interests clearly and spending at least 50 euros are some of the unwritten rules. Ask the lady what she charges and pay before you get naked. The most important Red Light District tip would be; treat a prostitute exactly how you would treat any business owner. Also, do not get romantically attached and leave as soon as you are finished.

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