Strongest weed in Amsterdam

The strongest weed in the world is cultivated in the USA. Yet, what is the strongest weed available in Amsterdam? A question that has been asked numerous times throughout the years. Weed is for many a reason to get up in the morning or a tool to help them fall asleep again in the evening. It plays a major part in many Hollywood blockbusters such as The Beach, Scary Movie and Ted.


Strongest weed in Amsterdam to help you relax


It is also a subject of controversy in many nations around the globe. All we know it is an amazing product that helps you relax, get the munchies or even help subdue various physical and mental problems. Of course, the reason for clicking on the link is to find out everything there is to know about the strongest weed in Amsterdam. We created a shortlist of the strongest weed versions which are available on a consistent basis among multiple coffeeshops throughout Amsterdam.


Top 5 strongest weed in Amsterdam


The basic rule when looking for strong weed is to follow your nose and try it out!

  • The strongest weed version commonly available in Amsterdam is the Amnesia Haze. It is best known for its intense high and euphoric effect. Nonetheless, it is also capable of giving you a relaxed feeling. As such, this citrus and earthy flavored species is found at the top of our shortlist of strongest weed in Amsterdam.
  • Coming in at the second place is the Liberty Haze. It was the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup winner for various reasons. Aside from its fast growth cycle and its lemony flavor, the Liberty Haze has a THC-percentage of 25%. This high percentage is guaranteed to give you an epic high.
  • The hybrid Critical Kush comes in third on this list. This species combines the best of both worlds; kicking in hard with a high THC percentage while allowing for a smooth high caused by a mediocre dose of CBD.
  • L.A. Ultra is the fourth strongest weed version on this list. The reason we put it on the fourth place on this list is because of the trippy and compelling high it provides. If you are able to control yourself, you will also experience an increase in your levels of creativity.
  • Coming in last is the Sugar Black Rose. It is a crossbreed of Critical Mass and Black Domina. It provides a flowery high with a sweet aftertaste. It is well-known for its medicinal effects and higher-than-average THC percentage.

This ends the list of the top 5 strongest weed versions available in Amsterdam. There are various places to buy the weed. Coffeeshop Papillon is known to be a consistent source of Amnesia weed. Check out their shop for all the different versions available.