Buying weed in Amsterdam – all you need to know!

You are finally in Amsterdam! After weeks of stressing and preparing for your vacation to the Netherlands you find yourself in front of the coffeeshop, ready to buy weed. You remember the first time you heard to word “coffeeshop” and did not understand why people around you were giving you a cheeky smile when talking about it. Making coffee was regarded a secondary service offered by the coffeeshops. Nonetheless, making a certain type of cake could be considered a core part of the business. Intrigued by this mystery you whipped out your phone, only to discover that selling weed was the main goal of the business. Finding yourself immediately hooked on the idea of getting high, you told yourself to go to Amsterdam one day and buy weed.  So here you are, the time has finally come. Upon entering the shop you realize you have no idea of the rules that apply. This article is here to help you out with your Amsterdam weed buying adventure.


Rules of buying weed in Amsterdam


We are happy to provide you with the rules most common when buying weed in Amsterdam. For an in-depth overview of the legality issue we advise you to take a look at this article from the Telegraph. We created this list to guarantee that all parties involved have a good time. The coffeeshop makes money and you get high. The rules of this win-win situation are outlined below.

Buying weed in Amsterdam


These rules are the most common ones among the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. So whether you are buying weed, hashish, spacecake or other mind-expanding substances, at least you know how to behave. If you want an overview of all the house-rules just visit the website of coffeeshop Papillon. Their good reputation among local and international visitors derives from the fact that they stick to the rules, ensuring a softdrug friendly environment for everyone involved.