Amsterdam marihuana adventure

You and your friends planned a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Amsterdam to smoke marihuana, eat soggy waffles and sample lots of cheese. Weeks in advance you are already bragging about the amount of hookers you will score in the red-light district and how high you will be all weekend long. But what makes Amsterdam marihuana so special?


Amsterdam marihuana adventure


What makes Amsterdam marihuana so special must be the experience that you can buy marihuana in Amsterdam like you would buy your groceries. There are several coffeeshops in Amsterdam that are located in the shopping streets or neighborhoods. Do not expect a billboard that says ‘buy Amsterdam marihuana here’. Placing advertising is in fact prohibited for coffeeshops in the Netherlands. Yet you can easily recognize coffeeshops because it is always indicated with the name ‘coffeeshop’ and of course the recognizable weed sign. Just make sure you actually walk into a coffeeshop and not a coffee place. Except the cannabis sign, they are almost virtually the same.


Amsterdam marihuana ground rules


Exploring the city while stoned out of your mind; as amazing as it sounds, we would like to remind you there are certain ground rules you have to abide to enjoy Amsterdam marihuana. Outlined below you’ll find an overview of the most important rules.

These two rules sum up all there is to know about the softdrug rules and legislation. We hope this article has helped you prep for your trip and will prove useful when deciding what to eat, inject, snort and smoke. Come pay a local coffeeshop a visit once you’re on your marihuana adventure in Amsterdam.