Dive into the psychedelic Amsterdam hash world

Amsterdam hash history


Hash from Amsterdam is famous all over the world, but where does the word hash or hashish actually come from? You might think it has a western background, but you could not be more wrong. It actually originates from the Arabic language, roughly translating into the word “grass”. Due to the exploration drift of our western ancestors, we got introduced to hash at the beginning of the 19th century. Since then it has been used in the medical world, until it got prohibited and pushed into the black market. However, the liberal nature of the Dutch meant the personal use of cannabis and hash was decriminalized in 1970. The first coffeeshops selling hash in Amsterdam were founded around that time.


Amsterdam hash popularity


What makes Amsterdam hash so popular in comparison to others? It is all about the ambiance. Smoking hash in Amsterdam does not mean you’ll sit in a sleazy room surrounded by hopeless people. The complete opposite is true. Each of the 175 coffeeshops in Amsterdam (mostly found in the red-light district) have their own relaxing ambiance. Hipster, psychedelic, touristy or local; take your pick. Enjoy a card game, play some chess or watch a movie. One thing they all have in common – quality checks to ensure you get the best hash quality available. The combination of the ambiance and the good quality explain why hash in Amsterdam is so popular. Sit back, relax and enjoy the hashish.


Amsterdam hash tips and tricks


It can prove quite challenging for some to get that ultimate hashish high. To help out the inexperienced, we’ve listed the top 3 tips and tricks for enjoying Amsterdam hash to the max.

1. Roll it into a joint
Place the hash on top of a key and light it on fire. Wait till it crumbles (don’t burn it!) and mix it with tobacco. Consecutively, take the mixture and turn it into an epic spliff.

2. Hot knives
The oldest trick in the book. Place a chunk of hash between two hot knives and inhale the smoke that gets released. This is the preferred method of Edward Scissorhands.

3. The empty pen
Probably the most sketchy trick on this list. You require the skeleton of a pen (the hollow plastic carcass) and a needle. Pin the hash on the needle and light it on fire. When the smoke starts to form, whip out your pen and suck up the smoke.


So there you have it. The history of the Amsterdam hash industry, strengthened with and explanation of its popularity. To top of the article, we’ve provided you with some hands-on tips and tricks that are guaranteed to get you high as a kite. Come visit coffeeshop Papillon to put your newly acquired knowledge to the test and smoke some genuine Amsterdam hash.