Amnesia in Amsterdam – Discover the story behind this mind-blowing weed

What makes the Amnesia weed from Amsterdam so popular? Tourists and locals are have been enjoying its effects for years. Read on to discover its effects!


Amnesia Amsterdam


Amnesia weed available at Amsterdam Coffeeshop Papillon is one of the most popular weed versions available in the Netherlands. The reason for its popularity stems from its amazing strain highlights. Known to the Dutch as Amnesia weed, this specific species has deep earthy flavours paired with a hint of both lemon and citrus. Moreover, its popularity can be explained by the fact that it was crowned Cannabis Cup winner in both 2004 and 2012. The quality of the Amnesia weed in Amsterdam derives from its great genetic background. The sharp and high THC level found in the Jamaican landrace was combined with South Asian genes using outstanding grow skills, thus creating this famous species. The Amnesia weed is the one that guarantees to leave you high and smiling during your trip to Amsterdam.


Amnesia weed effect


The effects of the Amnesia species vary from person to person. In general the following attributes are awarded to it.

Besides these positive effects for casual users, the Amnesia weed is also known for its medicinal effects.

All the points above explain why the Amnesia weed is considered top of the line. Coffeeshop Papillon Amsterdamis well-known among locals and tourists alike for its high quality of weed. Pay a visit during your stay in the Netherlands to experience the amazing effects of the Amnesia weed yourself.