Coffeeshop Amsterdam


Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Welcome to Papillon. Coffee shop Papillon is situated in the Van der Helstplein 8 in Amsterdam. We try to make you feel welcome with our high quality cannabis selection and the friendly atmosphere. On this website you’ll find the menu, information about the coffeeshop, tourist information, a detailed list of the house rules and how to contact us. Coffeeshop Papillon Amsterdam is destined to provided you with the high of your choice. Mellow, deep or longlasting; we are the Coffeeshop that take your enjoyment personally. So don’t hesitate to come and pay us a visit. If you have any questions about the weed or which strain to get, there is always a professional around to help you answer your questions.

All our guests can use our internet during their visit. It’s free and unlimited!

Crash down in our cozy lounge. Try various types of our cannabis or enjoy our delicious coffee.

Our products are of high quality. Several emplyees at Papillon make sure that you get the best cannabis available.

Most populaire products


Amnesia weed is the most cultivated weed species in the Netherlands. It is available in almost every coffeeshop and is guaranteerd to leave you smiling. It kicks in fast and provides you with a powerful high.