House Rules

Entrance only for persons 18 years or older, therefore no access when accompanied by an adult.
ID is required, at our request every visitor needs to be able to show a valid ID.
When encountering a fake ID we’ll call the police, you won’t be allowed back in the coffee shop forever.
By showing identification we would like to have a good look at your face.
Possession, use and trafficking of hard drug or alcohol is strictly forbidden, we’ll call the police and you’ll never be welcome again.
The law allows you to buy up to 5 grams a day, you may never have more than 5 grams with you when you are in a coffee shop.
We don’t tolerate selling our product. In the shop or outside, either way. We’ll take same actions as in rule number 6.
The Tobacco Act of 01/07/2008 prohibits smoking tobacco in the coffee shop. So we can’t allow to smoke tobacco in the coffee shop.
Selling to minor will not be tolerated, if seen intake card.
Possession of weapons, in any form, is strictly forbidden.
Aggression won’t be tolerated.
Discrimination won’t be tolerated.
It’s not allowed to stay in the shop for longer as 2,5 hours, the manager on duty may shorten that period to his or her insight .
We have the right to deny costumers access to the property, terrace, and terrain.
Consumptions are paid directly; a consumption is abliged; own consumptions aren’t allowed.
The use of a mobile phone is prohibited. By observation we will declare this to the police.
Dogs aren’t allowed.
Placing your vehicle (car, motor, scooter or bike) the wrong way means you won’t be helped.
Disturbance in the shop or in the surrounding area, such as causing noise and demolition is not allowed. We control strictly and continually with multiple resources 24/7.